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The Beano - Daily Mirror Giveaway 2014


(Updated 31st October 2014): Hot on the heels of our news item that The Mirror has teamed up with Me Books to give digital comic readers a free interactive copy of Dennis the Menace comic comes word from Beano editor Craig Graham that the top British tabloid is giving away a free sampler of Britain’s top humour weekly humour comic on Saturday.

The 32-page sampler, which will have a 3.6 million print run and features a special subscription offer, includes strips written by Nigel Auchterlounie and features a “Dennis the Menace” strip in which Dennis, Gnasher and the rest of The Menace Squad try to save Beanotown and its amazing new Vomit Comet rollercoaster that will continue in the regular Beano on sale on Wednesday 5th November.

The Mirror‘s Saturday giveaway – which will also be given away withTrinity Mirror’s regional titles such as the Liverpool Echo – will also be available digitally so no-one will miss out on the fun.

The special sampler features all your Beano favourites, including “Minnie the Minx”, “Roger the Dodger”, “Bananaman”, “Billy Whizz”, “The Numskulls, “Calamity James, “The Bash Street Kids” and “Tricky Dicky”.

This is the second Beano giveaway in a British national newspaper this year, with DC Thomson partnering with the Mail on Sunday on a previous promotion back in April. The comic still sells 32,000 copies a week, according to a news item in the Liverpool Echo, despite dire times for print comics and magazines on the British news stands.

The promotion comes as The Beano and Dennis the Menace take over London’s St. Pancras Station to promote this year’s annual.

“We are delighted to be sampling The Beano with Trinity Mirror,” said DC Thomson Group marketing manager, Kirsty Matthews. “The special edition comic will reach around 3.6 million readers, so it’s an exciting project for our brand allowing us to reach families up and down the country on both regional and national platforms.

“The editorial team has done a great job in putting together a completely original sampler that features The Beano’s brand of mischievous entertainment.”

Mike Stirling, The Beano editor in chief, added: “I am really excited about this free edition demonstrating what a fun and creative experience enjoying The Beano every week is.”

• Official Beano web site:

• The free comic is also being given away in the Liverpool Echo, news story and interview with Dennis the Menace cartoonist Nigel Parkinson here (thanks to downthetubes reader Chris Williams for this info)


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