Free Marie Duval lunchtime talk at British Museum tomorrow

Roger Sabin

Roger Sabin

The British Museum will host a free lunchtime lecture tomorrow (Thursday 13th June 2019) by Roger Sabin, author of Comics, Comix & Graphic Novels: A History of Comic Art, talking about the Victorian cartoonist Marie Duval, the often overlooked creator of Ally Sloper.

“Dramatic criticism, 1883” from Judy cover dated 17th January 1883

“Dramatic criticism, 1883” from Judy cover dated 17th January 1883

Marie Duval (1847-90) was the first prominent female humour cartoonist – and a true pioneer. A funny woman in a man’s world, she drew the ordinary Londoners she saw around her and developed the comedy hero ‘Ally Sloper’. Her style was fresh, slapstick, and dynamic – all gurning faces and elastic bodies; in other words, a million miles from the Punch tradition. In this lecture, historian Roger Sabin will trace the career of this forgotten maverick and ask how far she counts as a ‘feminist’.

Roger Sabin is Professor of Popular Culture at the University of the Arts London, and co-author (with Dr Simon Grennan and Dr Julian Waite) of the Marie Duval Archive and the brilliant book, Marie Duval (reviewed here), published by Myriad Publishing.

You need to book in advance for this free event.

• Marie Duval: a female cartoonist in Victorian England 1.30 – 2.30pm Thursday 13th June 2019, Stevenson Lecture Theatre, the British Museum, London | Free, but booking essential – book online here or phone 020 7323 8181 | Ticket Desk in Great Court

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  1. “Roger Sabin will trace the career of this forgotten maverick and ask how far she counts as a ‘feminist’.”

    Were I still living in London, I expect I’d have gone to the talk.

    But I am sure no one has asked if any male cartoonist was (or is) a ‘masculinist”. Was Giles a ‘mascuIinist’? I took in both cartoons for what they showed, rather than looking for any supposed modern day political interpretation. Enjoyment for its own sake seems to be considered wrong.

    I did look up “bergamot”, and thus learned its meaning, along with its etymology. No bad thing!

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