Galleon 43

Comics creator Lewis has just released the above video promo for his new comic Galleon 43, which will be on sale at the Bristol Comic Expo next month. Written by Lewis and illustrated by Jacob Phillips, Galleon 43 follows Chris Scullion as he is kidnapped by galactic pirates in the future.

“The book is almost complete now, with a cover by Tim Perkins and an introduction by Bryan Talbot,” says Lewis. “Galleon 43 will be the first book I’ve ever seen through to the end. “

More importantly, here’s another link, to the journal of the Martin Brady, one of two very mysterious characters aboard the Galleon 43 spacecraft Scullion finds himself imprisoned aboard. Martin’s online journal while on board the Galleon 43 craft “has made it available to people of all time periods.”

Categories: British Comics

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