Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm is Go!


In a stunning show of support for the work of the late Gerry Anderson and the team keeping his legacy alive at Anderson Entertainment, we’re delighted to report that a plan to raise enough funding through Kickstarter to make the necessary models, sets, and puppets, and to pay for the production of a minisode of Firestorm has been a success.

As of this morning, the Firestorm project had achieved over £51,000 in backing, and the team behind the project are now revising their “stretch goals” – additions to the project should backing increase still further as the appeal continues, ending 2nd November 2014. Backers are able to revise their funding offers to support these goals.

Some backers have pledge over £5000 to the project, enabling them to have a puppet from the project modelled on them or a loved one, while three generous backers will be credited as executive producers on the minisode.

While the target figure has already been reached, the Kickstarter will remain until its deadline of the end of the month, and continued pledges will increase the budget – and length of episode that can be made.




Continuing the work of Gerry Anderson, Firestorm is a new science fiction series utilising puppetry, miniatures and practical effects. As we previously reportedas the Kickstarter launched , there’s a terrific team on board, not only from the world of TV production with talent such as Steve Begg and award-winning Doctor Who effects artist Mike Tucker and Star Trek designer Michael Okuda, but also the world of British comics, with Steve Kyte delivering character design and Doctor Who and and Transformers artist Lee Sullivan also involved.


A selection of the rewards on offer to backers of the Firestorm project

A selection of the rewards on offer to backers of the Firestorm project.


Yesterday, executive producer Jamie Anderson, left “speechless” as the project achieved 88 per cent of its funding in four days, announced the Firestorm team has been joined by Ken Palkow,  an incredibly well-known and respected Hollywood prop maker. He’s known for making weaponry and handhelds for movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past, RoboCop, Elysium, Man of Steel, Star Trek Into Darkness and Oblivion.

The new funding aims are:

  • £57,000 – New Set, New Scene At the £57k level, the project will be able to build a beautiful interior set of the control room of Storm Force 9’s Ocean Storm, and include an extra scene
  • £65,000 – A Big Explosion! The team want to decimate terrorist organisation Black Orchid’s technology centre on their island base. “Mike Tucker and Steve Begg will construct – and then destroy – this island base as Storm Force 9 attempt to slow down Black Orchid’s progress,” says Jamie.

The next stretch goal level will be unlocked when the project reaches the first stretch goal.

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