GoCompare homages Dan Dare

The creators of those annoying Opera Singer insurance adverts for GoCompare.com have redeemed themselves, in part, with this clearly Dan Dare inspired plug for their services – complete with comic-style speech balloons, weird aliens and Space Fleet uniforms.

‘Gio Compario’ is again played by real life Welsh opera star Wynne Evans,  one of the UK’s leading Tenors, having sung as a principal with most of the major opera houses and orchestras.

While the ads may be annoying, GoCompare say the response to their film related ads has been very positive,

“It’s fair to say that Gio Compario has become one of the most recognisable and talked about figures on British television,” says Gocompare.com’s head of marketing, Nick Hall. “Whether you’re an opera fan or not this campaign has made a massive difference in terms of brand awareness and recall and that has translated directly to a big uplift in site traffic.”

• For all of GoCompare’s other annoying other TV Adverts, visit the Gio Compario YouTube Channel. Who needs meerkats, eh?

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  1. Yeah, I wouldn’t say “redeemed themselves” so much as “annoyed a whole new constituency”.