In Review: Bite Me Comic Issue One

Bite Me - CoverEdited by Arlene Russo
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Cover by Gary Crutchley and Matt Soffe
Contributors include: David Braysher, Gary Crutchley, David Lucarelli, Colin Maxwell, Will Pickering, Dave West

The Comic: From the shadows comes this special issue of Bite Me, dedicated to the girls – and boys – picture comics of yesteryear. Step into the unknown… as Bite me transitions from magazine to comic. Once you receive your copy – dim the lights and enjoy!

The Review: We’ve already been treated to a new Scream and Misty Special this week from Rebellion, and in my review, I mentioned how much I enjoyed seeing their  re-presentation of a classic a Misty tale, “Bookworm”, first presented in Misty Issue 99, with art by Jordi Badia Romero. 

Well, it’s great to see that Rebellion has also licensed the publication of two short stories for the new independent title Bite Me, which combines classic Misty flair with all-new strips from a great team of independent British creators.

With both subtle and not-so-subtle nods to classic British girls comics (for example, check out the names of the teenagers telling horror stories in “The Moonlight Girls” by David Braysher, Bite Me successfully melds both the old and the new into an a great anthology.

Of the new strips included, I think “Night Light” by Will Pickering is the creepiest, but “Clarabelle and the Ghostly Locket” by Dave West and Gary Crutchley has, perhaps, the most potential as an ongoing tale.

A fine mix of comic strips – including “Who Killed Teacher?” drawn by José/Juan Ariza and “Twin Catastrophes“, beautifully drawn by Enrique Badia Romero from Misty, this is a special title well worth tracking down.

Bite Me is a available online at

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  1. Great review and a nice comic! – I enjoyed the new material as much as the old…

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