In Review: FutureQuake Issue 25

FutureQuake Issue 25 Cover A

FutureQuake Issue 25 Cover A by Conor Boyle

FutureQuake Issue 25 Cover A Pre-Title

We reckon Conor should offer this as a print or poster, it’s superb.

FutureQuake, one of Britain’s finest small press anthology’s reaches Issue 25 in fine style with two covers by Conor Boyle and Bruno Stahl and, inside the whopping 52-page edition are twelve tales featuring contributions from some of  the best writers and artists the small press has to offer.

Editor Dave Evans has a great team on this edition, and it’s a shame there are so few mainstream outlets in the UK for such creators to get wider exposure. On the art side, Conor Boyle’s work grows in stature in everything he does now, and I like Steve Austin’s work,too – although I think it might be interesting to see him inked by someone else as my feeling is that his line is a little heavy on “The Final Terminal”.

There are some good scripts, too. For my money, of particular note are Chris Redfern, Jimmy Furlong, Lawrence Rider and JJ Robinson (the latter’s perhaps still requiring some fine tuning, he’s got some complex ideas in “Grimaldi” for such a short script). But the standard of storytelling is strong throughout.

If you don’t already buy this terrific anthology, then the time has come to discover why FutureQuake has been consistently nominated for best British Black & White Comic at both the Eagle and the True Believers awards. Details on how to order below my brief “one line” takes on the issue’s line up…

FutureQuake Issue 25 Cover-B

FutureQuake Issue 25 Cover-B by Bruno Stahl

The line up is as follows:

FutureQuake 25: Call of Duty

“Call of Duty” (writer) Chris Redfern & (artist) David Clifford
An unusual tale of deadly revenge. I like the script on this, clever idea.

FutureQuake 25: Consumer Channel X
“Consumer Channel X” (writer) Lawrence Rider & (artist) Patrick Brown
This is a great, funny tale with some sparky dialogue as a dreadful TV channel sells its ware. Everything must go!

FutureQuake 25: I Don't Like Monday Quests
“I Don’t Like Monday Quests” (writer) David Griffiths & (artist) Jim Lavery
An utterly bizarre story whose pay-off sadly doesn’t quite work, but the art is terrific.

FutureQuake 25: Junk Box

Junk Box (writer) Jimmy Furlong & (artist) Brian ‘Clank’ Bennett
There’s a great twist to this tale as a spacefarer seeks the ultimate high. While it has echoes in terms of theme with another story in this anthology, I didn’t see the twist in the tale coming. Great spaceships, too, although Brian’s figure work is still in development.

FutureQuake 25: Out Of The Closet
“Out of the Closet” (writer) Dave Roberts & (artist) Danos Philopoulos
Great little horror tale playing on childhood fears

Futurequake 25: "Packaged Holiday" By Andi Ewington and Conor Boyle
“Packaged Holiday” (writer) Andi Ewington & (artist) Conor Boyle
A family win the holiday of a lifetime on an exotic alien world. Great art, as usual, from Conor Boyle

FutureQuake 25: Pleiatoc Monaidies
“Pleiatoc Monaidies” (writer) Tom Davies & (artist) Leonardo Vergari
A demon faces judgement at the hands of sinister monks. A little predictable, but some great art, although the “unfinished pencils” style is a little distracting.

Synched (writer) Mo Ali & (artist) Indio
A one-page tale with a message on the deity within us all…

FutueQuake25: Final Terminal
“The Final Terminal” (writer) Arran Frood & (artist) Steven Austin
Great art on this character-driven story questioning the “benefits” of immortality. Given this is a a very static story, centred on a character on her death bed, both writer and artist deliver a powerful tale.

The Idiot Box (writer) Jonathan Stevenson & (artist) Stephen Prestwood
In the future, television will be so much better… won’t it?

Futurequake 25: The Travelling Salesman
“The Travelling Salesman” (writer) Tim West & (artist) Matthew Harrower
Ah, sales… who wouldn’t want to work in such a great industry. And as humanity reaches out to the stars, there are so many races to sell to, so little time. Smashing twist to this two-page tale

FutureQuake 25: The Grimaldi
“The Grimaldi” (writer) JJ Robinson & (artist) Alex Paterson
Great art for a story about master wizards and bizarre alien machines seeking a “flying man” that will turn your brain to mush as you try to work out what’s going on, but some great dialogue that suggests potential for an ongoing series… if the “hero” can ever escape his own escape route!

FutureQuake Issue 25 is just Only £4.00 for 52 pages – you don’t get better value than that! Buy it from

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