In Review: Manu by Gustaffo Vargas

By Gustaffo Vargas
Manu is A5 (148mm x 210mm), 44 pages, full colour, price £5.00
Review by John Freeman

The Graphic Novel: Manu is a Peruvian science fiction comic about monkeys, jaguars, cyborgs and a mystery. Set in a dystopian world, the main story takes place in the Amazonian rainforest and the Peruvian highlands…

Manu by Gustaffo VargasManu by Gustaffo VargasThe Review: If you read my review of Gustaffo Vargas’ cyberpunk comic,Trujillø, then you’ll already know I’m a fan of the art and storytelling of this talented artist, animator and designer – but Manu, his latest project, is a stunning step up from previous work, which for me was already jaw dropping.

Largely set in the Peruvian Jungle, in this first Issue Vargas lays down the threads for what looks to be an intriguing cyberpunk mystery, told through bold storytelling, yet crammed with carefully choreographed character scenes, building the cast, and setting the scene for action and intrigue to come.

Manu by Gustaffo VargasManu by Gustaffo Vargas

Gustaffo doesn’t set out to explain the background setting of his cyberpunk dystopia within the story itself – at least, not in this first Issue – it just is. The story unfolds within a world populated by cybernetic, talking animals, corrupt and powerful villains (both petty and international in their ambition) – and a central character haunted by a past that you get the impression threatens to consume her…. if she lets it.

I’m anxious to avoid spoilers here in advance of this comic’s release at Thought Bubble. Suffice to say, I’m hooked, again, by Gustaffo’s storytelling, and utterly stunned by his terrific art, sense of visual pacing, and often powerful action sequences. That these are so effectively combined with a genuinely quite beautiful ability to deliver the same attention to his character scenes, to my mind, makes him a creator that really should be on your radar, if he isn’t already.

As long as the next issue of Manu delivers on its promise, expanding and revealing some of the reasons for the enticing mystery set out in this first Issue, this is an independently published comic well worth your attention.

It has mine.

John Freeman

Manu A5 (148mm x 210mm), 44 pages, full colour, price £5.00will be released at Thought Bubble, and will be available on Gustaffo’s online store after that at

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