In Review: Paragon Issue 6

paragon6.jpgThe latest issue of indie comic zine Paragon is out now, an anthology title featuring the work of creators Mark Howard, Dave Candlish, the Emperor and Stephen Prestwood.

There’s also a fab ‘guest pin up – a gruesome demon by artist Matt Soffe which will feature in the title’s ‘Jikan’ strip in a future issue.

The range of strips has dropped again – just three strips, as opposed to Issue 5 – but once again, ‘Battle Ganesh’ is my favourite art-wise, a fun modern re-telling of Indian mythology.

Script-wise, I’d argue Mark Howard’s ‘Jikan’ is the best of the title, and Dave Candlish’s clean line is rapidly gaining confidence. His storytelling still needs work – key moments could be better served by more energy and action, and but it’s a distinctive strip and shows promise, if he develops his limited backgrounds.

All in all, Paragon continues to display an enthused energy and the creators all show promise. Check out the title’s blog or track it down at the Smallzone stand at the next big comics event.

• Copies will be available from to order any day now. You can also check out the ongoing adventures of ‘Jikan’ as a three frame web comic there

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