In Review: Shaman Kane Book Four by David Broughton

Shaman Kane # 4 - Cover

Art and Story: David Broughton
Out: Now

The Comic: Tasked with investigating a series of supernatural murders on his home planet, Gefion, Shaman Kane returns to find that the ghosts of his past have returned to haunt him. Can Kane overcome what awaits him – or will history repeat itself?

Shaman Kane #4 - Sample Art
Shaman Kane #4 - Sample Art
Shaman Kane #4 - Sample Art

The Review: Problems with those pesky Poltergeists, or maybe it’s a Vampire infestation or a Zombie plague outbreak to deal with? Then look no further – contact licenced occult operative and supernatural entity termination specialist Shaman Kane… Making the galaxy a safer place for living beings everywhere, and back for another adventure.

This time out, David not only brings us another cracking adventure as Kane faces off with a returning and quite devious enemy, but we also get a a fair bit of back story about a character you could quite easily drop into classic 2000AD without blinking an eye, in my view.

Shaman Kane Book Four by David Broughton
Shaman Kane Book Four by David Broughton
Shaman Kane Book Four by David Broughton

Often combining cinematic-style storytelling with more direct comic visual storytelling, David delivers this Shaman Kane story with his usual quirky but distinctive, unique and memorable style, and regular fans will be delighted to see the character’s origins expanded, along with some intriguing teasers for Things to Come.

While, on occasion, the dialogue is a little clunky in places, the story still zings along at pace, no panel wasted, and there are some fun moments along the way. (I don’t want to say too much about the overall plot as it would spoil some surprises).

In his review of the story, Awesome Comics Podcast Tony Esmond rightly describes David as “hardest working man in the UK small press scene,” and that “he consistently puts out books that rattle along at a great pace and are full of twists and turns,” sentiments I’d certainly echo, Shaman Kane Book Four again published to a high standard, worthy, I’d argue, of professional publisher consideration.

Given David’s track record, it’s a sad indictment on the paucity of opportunities in the British comic market place that his work still has yet to grace the pages of a mainstream publisher. Its long overdue, in my opinion.

Do give this series – and David’s other books – a try.

• Shaman Kane is available from David’s online Comicsy shop; Orbital Comics London; The Comic Shop, Crawley; and Gobsmack Comics, Horsham

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Shaman Kane by David Broughton
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