In Review: Space Crash #1 by Dave Hingley

Space Crash #1​ by Dave Hingley

Crash-landing on an uncharted planet with no star charts or back up, a lone astronaut sets off on a perilous quest to track down a mysterious signal in a desperate attempt to escape the planet…

So begins Space Crash #1, the first in a four part mini series, written and drawn by Dave Hingley, a smashing soundless comic charting the journey of a lost astronaut across frozen tundra to verdant forest… and the discovery of a long buried secret.

Space Crash is Dave’s first solo comic and is the first part of a four issue mini series. Drawn in 2019 using that year’s Inktober prompts to determine what happens on each page, SpaceCrash was originally due to be published in April, but the Covid outbreak delayed release until now. Issue 2 is on track to release early 2021, and personally, I’m curious to see how this joyous tale pans out.

Dave has created a terrific story, full of lovely character moments as his lost astronaut encounters friend and foe, and surmounts numerous dangers besides. Cleverly told Dave displays splendid storytelling skill, with a clear understanding of pacing and strong panel design. This is a delightful, funny and often poignant story, with oodles of potential. Well worth a look.

Space Crash Issue 1
A5, 36 pages, Black & White
£3 physical copy ( digital coming soon)
Available here from Eniekeypress here

Dave Hingley has previously contributed comics to various anthologies, including Tales from Beyond infinity #2 (nerds who published themselves), Slings and Arrows (published by Nottingham City Comiccon), Werewolves Vs Unicorns and other mythical creatures (the 100s), Space Copz: Origins (Behemoth Comics), and Little Heroes #3 (Little Heroes).

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