In Review: Super Robot Mayhem #1 Sample Art

Super Robot Mayhem #1 - Cover

Creative Team

Created by Jeremy Biggs, Adrian Mursec
Writer: Jeremy Biggs
Artwork: Javier Bordon
Design: Paul Nicholson
Colours: Javier Bordon, Yel Zamor, Jeremy Biggs
Letters: Jon Scrivens
Publisher: Subversive Comics

Super Robot Mayhem #1 Promo Image

The Book: Have you ever wondered what would have happened if (Akira creator) Katsuhiro Otomo and 1970’s era Ridley Scott had teamed up to create a comic about Giant Robots fighting an invading demonic empire? Well, wonder no more, as it may have been something like Super Robot Mayhem.

The Review: A brand new comic from Yancy St Graphic Novel of the Year 2017 Award winner Metal Made Flesh writer Jeremy Biggs, Manchester-based blogger Adrian Mursec and artist Javier Bordon, Super Robot Mayhem is a stunning SF tale in mashing up ideas drawn from Akira, Aliens, Transformers and Robotech into something new – and thoroughly enjoyable.

Super Robot Mayhem #1 was successfully kickstarted in February 2017 and has deservedly attracted some incredible reviews for its artwork and storytelling. This opening episode sets the scene for the tale, introducing both human and alien cast with aplomb, and featuring some terrific art by Javier.

Super Robot Mayhem #1 - Sample Art

Super Robot Mayhem #1 - Sample Art

Super Robot Mayhem #1 Sample Art

Super Robot Mayhem #1 Sample Art

As we’ll discover, lead character Raiden Nakamura is infected by an alien mind virus that causes him to bond with the mysterious mecha, MAYHEM. Together, they are the only thing that stands in the way of the invading Demon Imperial Alliance. But Raiden’s union with MAYHEM comes at a price.

Slowly losing his identity, Raiden’s battle for control threatens to destroy not only his sense of self, but also the existence of everything he holds dear – but all that’s to come. For now, #1 gives you a smashing set up (and a real sense of camaderie among the human characters, thrown into the middle of something they have yet to understand), backed by great visual storytelling that helps writer Jeremy Biggs build the suspense right through to the last pages.

The book also features design work from Paul Nicholson, who worked for Production I.G. on Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. and designed the icon Laughing man and Aphex Twin logos.

Recommended, although the £10 cover price does induce a sharp intake of breath! (I’ve backed #2 already to get some extras that make that price a bit more bearable…)

• Super Robot Mayhem is published by Subversive Comics: – Buy it here | Buy a copy at Thought Bubble!

The Kickstarter for Super Robot Mayhem issue #2 has just gone live – back it here

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