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Cinebook’s translated adventures of the world’s last genie returns in writer Sebastien Latour and artist Guilio De Vita’s Wisher – The Faeriehood.

In the previous book, Nigel (the Wisher of the title) discovered that supernatural creatures are real and living in catacombs under modern day London. Hunted by a secret British Government organisation  called MI10, the remaining few goblins, banshees, elves and other mythical and magical creatures have banded together under the joint leadership of the magician Merlin and the vampire Goodnight in an attempt to save themselves from extinction. While Nigel himself is initially unaware of it, Merlin believes that Nigel is the last of the genies and that if his powers can be reactivated he will be able to grant Merlin’s wish that humanity will accept its supernatural cousins. However Nigel is not entirely sure that he wants his genie persona back.

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The first book in this series was set mainly in the real world with the faerie world only being introduced at the end. This book, with its lovely cover featuring virtually every supernatural character in the story, is set mainly in the faerie world as Nigel is introduced to more and more unusual characters who explain the background of the story to both him and the reader. While it does sound as if there is a lot of exposition here, and there is, writer Sébastien Latour does keeps the story moving along at such a rate that there is barely time to take in one batch of information before he has moved on to another interesting new character with yet more background info to impart. Like in the first book there is a lot to take in and even Nigel feels the need to get away from it all and escape back to the surface world, a decision that takes him back into danger.

Wisher 2 003The artwork by Giulio De Vita, helped along by colourist Emanuele Tenderini, remains a treat as he populates the underground realm with a fascinating array of creatures from Tinkerbell-like faeries to a hulking cyclops who, in a typical Latour tongue-in-cheek twist, is the realm’s archivist who maintains a “cyclopedia”. Like more and more of the new Cinebook series, Wisher is published at full bandes dessinnee size rather than the smaller US size and De Vita’s art is certainly deserving of it.

Wisher – The Faeriehood maintains the fast-paced plotting and lovely artwork from the first book making this one of the strongest of the new Cinebook series.

• There are more details of Wisher – The Faeriehood on the Cinebook website

• There are more details of the original French Wisher series on the Le Lombard website (in French)

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