Web Comic Spotlight: Crucible

I’ve had this idea to spotlight British web comics, and I’m starting with some of the projects I’m working on, since I know the teams aren’t going to object! If you’re a British web comic creator, please send us information in the format below  and a recent example of your strip and we’ll try and feature it as soon as we can!

Crucible Episode 23

On a world where technology is barely equivalent to the Elizabethan period, a team of “Taskers” begin their foray into Deep Stone, an old mine in search of missing “holy relic”…

Creative Team

Story by John Freeman and Smuzz, Art by Smuzz, Lettered by Jim Campbell

Production Notes

Crucible is a project that Smuzz and I have been working on for… well, decades, although the story started out in a very different direction. Two episodes featured in STRIP Magazine before that title went on hiatus – but as it’s creator owned we’re now trying to build subscribers for the strip over on Tapastic.

I’m absolutely delighted to see that this episode of what people thought was a sword and sorcery tale, when Smuzz in particular has been telling them it’s science fiction, has sent readers scurrying back through past pages looking for clues to the revelations on this page.

Please spread the word and let us know what you think of the strip, none of us bite (Well, actually, Smuzz might).

Web Site

• Follow Crucible on Tapastic: http://tapastic.com/series/Crucible

• More information on Crucible at http://cruciblecomic.co.uk

Crucible © 2015 John Freeman & Smuzz

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