Jeff Hawke’s Cosmos Begins Eighth Volume

JHC 8-1
We’re pleased to report that Jeff Hawke’s Cosmos, the magazine Jeff Hawke Club run by Bill Rudling, has reached its eighth volume and tenth year of publication.

The tales of (more or less) contemporary air and space pilot Jeff Hawke, created by artist Sydney Jordan, ran in the Daily Mirror from the 1950s right through to the mid 1970s when the strip finished in the newspaper but continued for a short while in syndication. Jordan then created a new character, Lance McLane, a bearded surgeon commander aboard a spaceship in orbit around an ice-bound 2077 Earth for the Scottish Daily Record newspaper, a strip that was syndicated, somewhat confusingly, as Jeff Hawke. The club completed their reprints of the original Jeff Hawke stories with Volume 7 Number 3 which also included the introductory McLane/Hawke story.

In its 92 A4 sized pages Jeff’s Hawke’s Cosmos Volume 8 Number 1 contains the complete Lance McLane/Jeff Hawke stories (in their Jeff Hawke format) The Ice Burner, Chalk Circle, The Sorcerers’s Apprentice, The Song Of The Charioteer and The Little People.

Each story has a newly written introduction by Sydney Jordan plus comprehensive notes on each story by Duncan Lunan. The issue also includes an article by Andrew Darlington on the little known science fiction character Cliff North whose text story adventures were published in, of all places, Tarzan Adventures.

Jeff Hawke’s Cosmos is available by annual subscription to the Jeff Hawke Club which currently costs £26 for the UK and £31 for the EU.

There are more details on Jeff Hawke’s Cosmos (albeit somewhat out of date) on the Jeff Hawke Club website or by contacting

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