Doctor Who projects with Down the Tubes Connections!

You and Who

As we await the announcement of the new Doctor Who with great anticipation, a quick heads-up for a couple of currently available Who publications with downthetubes connections.

Volumes 1 and 2 of You and Who: Contact Has Been Made  edited by JR Southall and Christopher Bryant features Doctor Who fan’s memories of every Doctor Who story shown on television (and some that weren’t!).

downthetube’s Ian Wheeler takes a look at the Peter Davison story ‘Time-Flight’ in volume one and David Tennant’s ‘The Idiot’s Lantern’ in volume two. There are also contributors who have worked on Doctor Who itself including Gary Russell who has of course worked on Who in many forms including comic strip.

Both books are available from Miwk Publishing and proceeds go to Children in Need.

Meanwhile, there’s a new issue available of the wonderfully-anarchic Fanwnak fanzine edited by Scott Burditt. This seventh issue is packed full of Doctor Who-inspired humour as well as more serious features and analysis. Contributors include Ian Wheeler and Shaqui Le Vesconte.

You can order either a full colour version or a budget black and white copy and details are available here.

Scott also produces a very in-depth cult TV magazine called CSO which is very nicely filling the gap left by publications such as TV Zone and he is currently looking for contributors for a second issue.

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