John Ridgway Interviewed for Doctor Who Panel to Panel Podcast

Comic artist John Ridgway. Photo © Jeremy Briggs

Comic artist John Ridgway. Photo © Jeremy Briggs

Veteran comic artist John Ridgway, still drawing issues of Commando but perhaps best known for his work on 2000AD, Doctor Who Magazine and DC Comics Hellblazer, is the guest on the latest Doctor Who: Panel to Panel podcast.

A true Doctor Who comics legend, John talks about his history in comics, Doctor Who and science-fiction, mentioning, for example, DWM‘s possible cancellation when the series went off air during Colin Baker’s run on the show.

John notes that despite his many credits he still hasn’t drawn many superhero comics, despite working on Marvelman (Miracleman) for Warrior. He enthuses about Steve Parkhouse as a writer and the art of Frank Bellamy, and some of the comics he read as he grew up.

Podcaster Jeremy Bement also cover the Doctor Who news from San Diego Comic Con.

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