Jon Lock’s AFTERLIFE INC. collection on course for crowd funding success?

AFTERLIFE INC.: The Book of Life by Jon Locke

Comics writer Jon Lock recently launched a Kickstarter campaign that looks to be on course to see the publication of a deluxe collection of his amazing AFTERLIFE INC., the tale of con-artist Jack Fortune, who, following his untimely demise, discovers an afterlife in chaos and decides to take over and run it like a business.

The crowd funding appeal has already raised over £2800 of Jon’s £3550 goal and just needs a few more backers to secure a go ahead over the next month. (Jon is one of Kickstarter’s comic success stories, deservedly securing backing for AFTERLIFE INC. Volume 3: Lifeblood using the platform back in November 2012).

“Over the last three years I’ve been publishing the on-going adventures of Jack and company,” he tells us, “as they attempt to modernise the Great Beyond. Now, for the first time, I’m collecting volumes One to Three of AFTERLIFE INC. in one luxury hardback edition, the Book of Life.”

At 376 full-colour pages, the Book of Life charts the entire AFTERLIFE INC. story to date along with 70 pages of special features, including pin-ups, character profiles, behind-the-scenes material, a guide to the afterlife and even an exclusive never-before-seen AFTERLIFE INC. tale.

AFTERLIFE INC. has featured art by a huge number of great artists, including  Ash Jackson (Beautiful Creatures – Red 5 Comics) and Nathan Ashworth (VS Comics); Jerry Gaylord (Fanboys vs. Zombies – Boom! Studios); Roy Huteson Stewart (Aleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste – Markosia); Jack Tempest (The Locker);  Will Tempest (Zero – Image Comics); Del Borovic (DELVE); Jade Sarson (Café Suada); Mark Pearce (Ronin Dogs); Warwick Fraser-Coombe (Revenger); Grant Perkins (Dwayne Hickenbottom); Jack Davies (Alex the Abominable); Sean McSorley (Damn and Blast, Gentleman Detectives).

“At nearly 400 pages (and weighing in at just under 2 kilograms!) the Book of Life is a pretty substantial item,” Jon explains, “which is why I’ve turned to Kickstarter to help fund the first print run. If I reach my target, not only will I be able to supply backers with copies of the Book, but I’ll also have additional stock to take to conventions or even sell in shops.” 

A snapshot of some of the exclusive Book of Life special features: new stories, behind-the-scenes material, pin-ups, sketches and everything you could possibly need to know about the afterlife!

A snapshot of some of the exclusive Book of Life special features: new stories, behind-the-scenes material, pin-ups, sketches and everything you could possibly need to know about the afterlife!

“With the completion of this first trilogy of books, AFTERLIFE INC.. has reached a major landmark,” he adds, “one I could scarcely have imagined when I started down this road. This is the end of an era for the comic, and the start of exciting new possibilities.

The Book of Life is available to pre-order through Kickstarter now. While the Book will eventually retail at £40, backers can take advantage of a Kickstarter-only price of £35. 

• For more info about the world of AFTERLIFE INC., and even some free stories, check out Jon’s website. AFTERLIFE INC. is also one of the top 100 indie comics on Comixology. For all the Book of Life news as it happens, be sure to join the official mailing list

AFTERLIFE INC. on Comixology


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