Scar Comics Unveils New Crime Thriller

Unfinished City Cover

Unfinished City, the latest graphic novel to be announced by award winning British independent publishers Scar Comics and seeking crowd funding, is catching the attention of readers in Eastern Europe as well as readers and creators here in the UK and is the subject of a The completed 160 page graphic novel is being launched as a Kickstarter here:

Although the story itself is fictional it is set against the very real backdrop of corruption and organised crime that has plagued many parts of Montenegro since the break up of Yugoslavia, highlighting issues that run deep in many local communities.

The story centres on Nadja Djurkovic who is a British citizen from Montenegro, travelling home for the first time in a decade. Called by a letter from her sister, Nadja arrives to find that her sister was murdered just two weeks before.

Stricken by grief, Nadja starts to investigate the crime, and quickly discovers all is not as it seems. Her home town has changed; the fall of communism a decade before has been replaced with corruption and organised crime. Everybody knows the murder was pinned on the wrong man – and the true murderer may well be the most powerful man in the city…

This tense and powerful Crime thriller – now seeking Kickstarter sourced crowd funding – is co written by Bristol=based writer Benjamin Dickson, native creator Sylvija Martinović and drawn by cult Croatian artist Robert Solanović.

The free preview online has already received huge praise from Comic industry luminaries such as Walking Dead artist and co creator Charlie Adlard and legendary 2000ad Creator Pat Mills.

Renowned Fables artist Mark Buckingham has also commented on the project.

“20 pages in and I’m already intrigued and captivated by this story,” he say. “What dangers await Nadja? What dark secrets surround the death of her sister Mina? There is a lovely energy and bounce to the art too. I hope this book is successfully funded as I really want to find out what happens next!”

As well as courting controversy due to its setting, the story bucks the common comic book trend of predominantly male lead characters with a strong female protagonist, who is portrayed in a very realistic manner away from the usual implausibly proportioned sword wielding or gun toting vixens of most other comic books.

• You can read the free preview of the Graphic Novel yourself here:

• To find out more about the creators and Scar Comics in general visit their website at:

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