Scotland in the 70’s Revisited by Manga Writer Sean Michael Wilson

Once Upon A Time in Morningside - Cover

The latest Graphic Novel to be announced by award winning British award-winning publisher Scar Comics is something very different from their previous output of Science Fiction or Horror that they are most well known for.

Teaming up with Scottish manga writer Sean Michael Wilson and Swedish Illustrator and painter Hanna Strömberg, editor and publisher Shane Chebsey has chosen a bold new direction for the latest Scar book entitled Once Upon A Time In Morningside, which they are seeking to fund through Kickstarter.


Once Upon A Time In Morningside


“I’ve always wanted to publish an autobiographical story, but in a different way to the usual diary or linier approach. I still wanted it to have something magical in the story, and Sean’s unique collection of anecdotal tales was the perfect book to do this with” says publisher Shane Chebsey.

This very personal book is also quite a departure for Wilson who is best known for writing Manga stories for his Japansese publisher Kondasha as well as putting together the Harvey Award nominated AX: Alternative Manga book for Top Shelf in the states.



Now a resident in Japan, Sean has enjoyed the process of returning to his Scottish roots for this book.

“We see, in the book, 14 anecdotes of real things that happened to me and my brothers,” he explains. “There are no wars, well not real ones anyway. Nobody dies of any terrible diseases and there are no disasters. It’s all about the little indecencies and adventures that happen to all of us… the small joys and intimate sadnesses”.

Hanna Strömberg is an artist living in Malmö, Sweden. She works with comics, illustration, painting and graphic and web design. She was awarded her art degree at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Norway, where she mostly worked with animation and sculpture, but has since returned to her comics roots with this very personal project

The book will be available in both Softcover and Hardback formats as well as a digital download.

The completed 140 page graphic novel has been launched as a Kickstarter here

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