Judge Dredd: Underbelly, movie sequel collection released

Dredd: Underbelly

The comic book sequel to the critically-acclaimed movie DREDD hit comic book stores and online today.

Written by Arthur Wyatt and drawn by Henry Flint, this special US-format one-shot is available, collecting the whole Underbelly story, from comic book stores and also digitally for iPad, Kindle, Nook, and DRM-free download for Android devices and desktop computers.

In the wake of Ma-Ma’s death, other criminal gangs in Mega-City One are moving into the power vacuum, trying to fill the gap in the market left by the Slo-Mo drug. When a corpse dump is discovered in a rad-pit, the bodies are all revealed to be mutants. Could the dead be connected with an outfit smuggling illegal refugees into the city from the Cursed Earth?


Dredd once again teams with Psi-Judge Anderson as they scour the underworld for the perps responsible in order to to bring them to justice – but will they be able to face the implications for their world and the on-going fight against crime?

You ready, rookie? Get DREDD: Underbelly here: http://shop.2000adonline.com/products/digital_dredd_underbelly

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