Life on Mars, Who get Saturn nominations

Let’s hear it for the Brits – again. Nominees for the 33rd annual Saturn Awards, which celebrate the best SF&F and Horror movies and TV work, include Doctor Who and Life on Mars, with Daniel Criag’s outing as James Bond in Casino Royale and Aardman’s Flushed Away – which despite some critical panning and being described as a box office failure, had pulled in over $175 million in box office receipts by last week – also in the mix.

On the US side, good to see Heroes, Stargate SG1 and the light-hearted Eureka in the nominations, and great to see Star Trek: The Animated Series has made it into the nominations for Best Retro TV DVD Release. Star Trek fans overwhelmingly voted to see this series released on DVD during my second period of editing Titan’s Star Trek Magazine, and it would be icing in the cake if the show won this category after all the delays releasing it.

Categories: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Television

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