Modesty Blaise Comic Challenge drawing to a close, deadline extended

Today is intended to be the last day for our Modesty Blaise Comic Challenge – but we’ve decided to extend it until Monday 25th March, 12 noon GMT, just in case there any more entries artists had almost completed between paid work, since we had several entries “close to the wire”.

We have entries from a range of talented creators with their own take on Modesty, including Davey Candlish, Keith Page, Dave Windett, John Britton, Peter Hayes, Luke Scoffield and more.

If you don’t have time to enter yourself, and you’re a member of our British Comics Forum, perhaps you’d like to check out the entries. You can ‘Like’ an image on the forum by clicking the ‘heart symbol’ below it. So, if you have time, please ‘like’ one or two of your favourite entries. It might influence our decision on the winner, who will get a copy of the latest Modesty Blaise collection from Titan Books, The Girl in the Iron Mask.

I’m sure the artists who have already taken time out to enter would appreciate any feedback on their work, too.

You can view all the entries  so far here: 

• Entries by email only to to, to arrive no later than 12 noon GMT on 25th March 2013, please. Full competition details are here

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