Music to Watch Vampires By, courtesy of Pat and Lisa Mills!

Requiem 8: The Queen of Dead Souls

Do you have favourite tracks for favourite comics?

Top British comics creator Pat Mills, whose latest creator-owned digital comic, Requiem Volume 8: The Queen of Dead Souls, is out now via Comixology, has always encouraged the inclusion of rock n roll in comics, both metaphorically and literally in his strips – but do you listen to music as you read your comics, and what tracks most inspire you?

“Inspired by both musicians and their music, I often find ways to sneak in to my stories song references, or even snippets of lyrics,” he says, “So I asked my wife, Lisa, to compile a playlist for the digital edition of The Queen of Dead Souls.”

Here’s what she came up with:

  • Intro sequence, New York City, 1919: Bach – Cello Suite No 5 in C Minor
  • Back in Necropolis, a short exchange between Black Sabbat and Inspector Kurse: Future Sound of London – Ill Flower
  • Fight in Otto’s dungeon: Darkthrone – Transilvanian Hunger
  • Black Sabbat & Ape of Thoth… and a very special belt sword: Dead Can Dance – The Host of Seraphim
  • The Blood Tower” The Orb – Really hard to narrow it down, but pretty much anything from Orbus Terrarum.
  • More crazy fighting in Otto’s dungeon: The Prodigy – Funky Shit
  • Vlad Bridge zombie attack and General Salem’s party-pooping activities at the Reine de Joie: Leftfield – Open Up
  • Leah, AKA Ape of Thoth, a magnificent chopper, some dirty flirting, and a mind-blowing finale: Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Je T’aime Moi Non Plus

The Queen of Dead Souls, the latest volume of Requiem  from Pat’s own publishing house, Millsverse, is set in New York City in 1919. Occultist Aleister Crowley is holding a soirée, a group of followers gathered to witness the consecration of his mistress, Leah. Non-believers beware!

In Necropolis City, Requiem, Rebecca and Otto continue to slog it out, using Otto’s prize collection of exquisite antique weaponry: medieval shield with sword blade, holy water sprinkler and volley gun, crossbow with wheel-lock firearm…and a piano gun?!

What about the red snow plague? General Salem’s troops repel the bubonic-infected zombies storming Vlad Bridge, just as the killer rats stop laughing – and their boils erupt…

Requiem is also internally battling Thurim, who’s very keen to take over his body and rejoin Necropolis as a non-living member of vampire society. As Thurim gains supremacy, his enormous libido lands him in a very compromising position with the Ape of Thoth. It gets ugly and, uh, hairy.

Yep – definitely a story that needs a backing track. What’s yours?

>RequiemVolume 8: The Queen of Dead Souls is available now from Comixology

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