National Film and Sci-Fi Museum plans “Retro Video Corner”, appeals for donations

Opened last year in Milton Keynes, the National Film and Sci-Fi Museum has launched an appeal for old video boxes and related materials for a new section of its growing exhibition space.

“We’re looking for video tapes of films from the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s,” explains the Museum’s founder, Jason Joiner. “We plan to create a corner of the museum that is like a retro video shop – and you can all help us achieve this.”

Opened last year, spread over a 25,000 foot space, The National Film & Sci-Fi Museum is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and exhibition of the art, skills and dedication that goes into delivering some of the world’s most successful films and tv shows. It has a series of dedicated displays of genuine and replica props and memorabilia from across all genres of Film and Sci-Fi.

The Museum is also hosting dedicated events, as well as being offering permanent displays of memorabilia.

A registered charity, the Museum was set up by a trust to become the place to share the knowledge and passion for film and science fiction and preserve the history of some of the nations best loved set pieces. The people who make up the trust have years of experience as collectors, convention organisers and professionals within the film and TV industry.

Chaired by Jason Joiner, the museum is a legacy project that has enabled him to put his lifelong hobby into a public space to share with you all.

“We’re looking for video rental cases,” Jason explains, “also any video posters you might have promoting the release of those videos would be amazing.

“If you have anything like this we would love to have it.”

Donations can be delivered direct to the Museum itself, or at any Showmasters-run comic convention, such as London Film & Comic Concontact the Museum in advance for details of how to do this. The Museum can also arrange collection for large donations.

“You get to clear out your cupboard and loft, and we put together an great display of the past history of films in our homes,” Jason offers.

“If you have things you do not want any more, we would be very happy to take them from you.”

The Museum plans to install a “Thank You” board listing all those who donate items.

If you’d like to help make this great idea for a Retro Video Shop display possible, follow the links below for more information.

Check out the National Film and Sci-Fi Museum online

The National Film and Sci-Fi Museum is at 34 Secklow Gate West, Milton Keynes MK9 3AT | Open 10.00am – 5.00pm Friday to Sunday (Open Tuesday to Sunday during school holidays – check the ticket link for details)

Check out the National Film and Sci-Fi Museum on Facebook | Instagram | Financial Donations

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