New Scientist’s Arc magazine publishes new Jack Womack story

The latest issue of Arc, Forever alone drone, is available to buy now.

Arc is an exploration of the future from the makers of New Scientist – published every three months, it considers the possibilities of tomorrow’s technologies and societies, featuring new work by the world’s most visionary writers and thinkers.

Forever alone drone explores the technological wilderness over 180 pages of exciting new science fiction and futuristic ideas from a fantastic selection of notable writers.

Urban paranoias and human possibilities throw off sparks in Forever alone drone’s bumper crop of stories, featuring Jack Womack’s first short work in 17 years, alongside exciting new stories from Robert Reed, Liz Jensen, Bruce Sterling and Romie Stott.

Womack’s from his work as a writer include the novel Random Acts of Senseless Violence) and  guest stints on William Gibson’s blog, but he’s also a well known publicist in the S/FF field.

Also in Forever alone drone you’ll find new essays and ideas about how we might share our future from Kim Stanley Robinson, Smári McCarthy, Frank Swain, American writer Madeline Ashby, Sumit Paul-Choudhury and Simon Ings.

All issues of Arc are available for iPads, tablets, smartphones, Android devices, PCs, Macs, Kindles and Nooks. You can also buy a DRM free e-Pub version and a collectible print edition. Visit to find out more.

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