November Commandos Revealed

Commando4239.jpgInternet spooks delayed the arrival of DC Thomson’s latest information on its new issues of war digest Commando, but thanks to a bit of counter espionage from downthetubes and the Dundee offices of the monthly magazine, we’re finally able to bring you details of comics on sale in November.

As usual, the latest offerings comprises two new and two reprint titles.

“The two reprints this month were drawn by guys who are still working for us,” says editor Calum Laird, “and anyone who has bought copies in the last month or so can compare then and now to see that their stuff is still as good as ever.

“Ian Clark, who wrote Rag Tag Army was a real stalwart of Commando, although I first came across him as the author of photo-stories on teen title Blue Jeans!”

Commando 4238: Nightmare Mission

Previously issued as Issue 2582 in 1992

Story: Cyril Walker; Inside artwork: Olivera; Cover: Alan Burrows

The flare rose high in the sky to burst with a blinding light which turned night into day. The British patrol illuminated below hugged the ground, bare though it was of any real cover, and hoped they would not be spotted. For Don Wells it was yet another dangerous patrol into no-man’s-land, yet another chilling part of what had become a nightmare mission…

Commando4240.jpgCommando 4240: Rag-Tag Army

Previously issued as No 2597 in 1992

Script: Ian Clark; Inside Artwork: Carlos Pino; Cover: Ian Kennedy

The invading Japanese stood between “Bobby” Chang and his dream of going to America. As an orphan in war-torn China he had little hope of realising his dream − unless he could help get rid of the Japs.

One way was to join the Chinese Nationalist Army, a collection of half-starved, poorly-trained peasants with few weapons and tattered uniforms. No wonder they were called the Rag-Tag Army…

Commando4241.jpgCommando No 4241: Dead Men Tell Tales

Script: Colin Howard. Inside Artwork and cover: Keith Page

It’s said that dead men tell no tales. Usually it’s true. But the discovery of a body in a small French town nearly 20 years after the war proved that dead men could tell a tale – and for the crew of a US Flying Fortress it was not a pleasant one, either….

Colin’s first Commando story, Fight Fire With Fire, was published in June as Issue 4202. “He’s a relatively new writer to us, one of a couple of new guys we’ve brought on board,” Calum reveals.

Commando4242.jpgCommando Issue 4242

Script: Sean Blair; Inside artwork and cover: Jordi Macabich

The end of the Napoleonic Wars was a mixed blessing. There was an end to the slaughter but men who had only know military service found it hard to settle in to normal life.

Men like sailors Jim Stent and Andrew Manning. Men who would be tempted to become mercenaries. Men who would be known as Sailors of Fortune…

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