Prince Valiant art by Sanjulian offers in latest Catawiki International Original Comic Art Auction

A Prince Valiant artwork by the great Spanish artist, Sanjulian, is surely going to be just one highlight of the latest Catawiki International Original Comic Art Auction, closing next Thursday (28th October 2021).

Offering its usual mix of international art by a diverse range of artists, the auction also includes two “Robot Archie” pages by Ted Kearon, and another Modesty Blaise strip, by Jim Holdaway.

The “Modesty Blaise” strip by Jim Holdaway, an episode from the story “Uncle Happy”, published in 1965, was given to fellow artist John M Burns, along with a handful of others by the strip’s publisher, in order to learn the intimate details of the main characters when he took over drawing the strip in 1978. There are four small pin holes where it has been pinned up as a visual prompt in the studio by the artist.

The board has not been stripped off its backing, unlike so many others, and the reverse of the illustration board has the original rubber stamps and also a period newspaper clipping fixed on. The lot includes a copy of the First American Series Modesty Blaise book featuring the whole of the story “Uncle Happy”, and an earlier story, “The Mind of Mrs. Drake”.

The two “Robot Archie” pages on offer, both by Ted Kearon, are a page from “The Curse of Dragon Island”, published in Lion in 1964, the story title included on the board, and “The Weird World of X”, aka “The Golden Men” (1966). Both are offered by European sellers.

Robot Archie – The Curse of Dragon Island, art by Ted Kearon (1964)
Robot Archie – The Weird World of X, art by Ted Kearon (1966)

Also on offer in this auction is an original romance artwork by José González; a marvellous character study of comic character Barney Jordan, by Hermann, along with other works by the artist; a barbed cartoon by Jean Solé commenting on the interests of adolescent boys across two decades, published in an issue of the Star Wars special Fluide Glacial; and some exquisitely-drawn “Huon de Neveling” newspaper strips, drawn by Gerrit Stapel, a once hugely-popular strip in the Netherlands; and much more.

I’ll close out this auction spotlight with this striking framed cover art of a Paris night time scene by Henk Kuijpers, created after the occasion of Asterix co-creator Uderzo’s 80th birthday celebrations in 2007. Its setting is a beautiful evening, a Paris city palace with a ballroom on the first floor, the balcony doors open. “We often stood on that long balcony, glass in hand, enjoying the twinkling view,” notes the seller.”He wanted to draw that. He immediately started detailing the next day for a fitting night atmosphere of La ville lumiére.”

The full Catawiki International Original Comic Art Auction catalogue for this week is here – bidding closes 7.00pm on Thursday 28th October 2021

Be aware that selling and buying objects to or from the UK is now affected by changes related to the UK’s departure from the EU. Catawiki highlights items on offer from European sellers on its site, which will incur additional delivery costs. More information here

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