New “Beanotown: Search and Find” book plunges BEANO fans straight into their own adventure with favourite characters

Available now only from the BEANO web shop is the Beanotown: Search and Find book – a 32 page hardback that you can have personalised with your own name as a character throughout. You, or your child, become the hero of the adventure, alongside the likes of Dennis and Gnasher, Minnie the Minx, and Bananaman.

Beanotown: Search and Find

The new adventure sees you fighting to save Beanotown from those gruesome goons, General Blight and Doctor Gloom, combining a thrilling comic adventure with fiendish search and find puzzle pages set in Beanotown. There are loads of things to find, and even more to laugh at in this ultimate personalised children’s search and find book from BEANO.

Live your best Beano life – travel to Beanotown, assemble an army of comic heroes, and send Blight and Gloom packing!

The book features a number of comic spreads, set in various areas of Beanotown, by artists such as Laura Howell, Nigel Parkinson, Hugh Raine, Lew Stringer, and more, plus a strip drawn by Nigel.

Nigel Parkinson has provided a strip for "Beanotown: Search and Find"
Nigel Parkinson has provided a strip for “Beanotown: Search and Find”

Lew Stringer was commissioned to provide a marvellous, insanely busy Bash Street Kids spread, featuring plenty of characters and items the reader has to find in the picture.

But wait, you might be thinking, there are only 11 Bash Street Kids so how can that comprise a busy picture?

Lew Stringer's busy Bash Street School spread for the Beanotown: Search and Find book
Lew Stringer’s busy Bash Street School spread for the Beanotown: Search and Find book

“Well, remember that in the early days of the strip in the 1950s there were many more kids featured in the scenes, and this reflects that,” Lew explains. “The comic strip only focuses on one class. There are loads of kids attending Bash Street School, and here they are!”

Offering plenty of customisation options, Beanotown Search and Find lets you create and name a unique, customised comic character to be the star of an all-new 32-page adventure. Base the hero on yourself, or immortalise a lucky friend or relative!

Plus, learn how to draw your comic alter ego, laugh at Beano-larious jokes, selected just for you, and test your comic knowledge by trying to name more than 250 characters in a mega BEANO challenge!

When you complete your mission, you’ll receive a certificate, signed by Dennis and Gnasher!

Priced at £24.99 – a good price for one of these unique “personalised book” projects, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated, you can order your Beanotown: Search and Find exclusively here on the BEANO web shop.

With thanks to Lew Stringer for the heads up

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