Resurrecting the Doctor Who Target Book That Never Was

Resurrection of the Daleks by Adrian Salmon

Art by by Adrian Salmon

As part of an audience with writer Eric Saward, there will be a reading of Chapter One of the Target Book that never was – an adaptation of the Fifth Doctor story Resurrection of the Daleks – at Manchester’s Fab Cafe this Sunday (27th November 2016).

As writer and Script Editor of Doctor Who during the turbulent first half of the 1980’s, Eric cemented Peter Davison as the Doctor, penned some of the era’s most memorable tales in Earthshock, Resurrection and Revelation of the Daleks and created the Sixth Doctor.

As usual, the Fab Cafe session will include their trademark in-depth interviews, clips galore, a live commentary on Earthshock with you voting on the episode selected and a very special reading of the very first chapter of Eric’s aborted Resurrection of the Daleks , one a handful of Doctor Who TV stories never adapted into a book.

Resurrection of the Daleks - Fake Target Book CoverTarget were unable to come to an agreement with Eric Saward and Dalek creator Terry Nation that would have allowed Saward or another writer to adapt the script; and although Virgin Books (the successor to Target) did announce plans to publish a novelisation by Saward in the early 1990s, this ultimately did not occur.

(The story  has been unofficially adapted, by New Zealand author Paul Scoones as a fan Time Space Visualiser project).

The audience with Eric also a very special announcement on the day.

Attendees will also get one signature free on an item of their choice and get the chance to buy a limited edition commemorative Will Brooks print signed by Eric which will be available only on the day.

• An Audience with Eric Saward, Doctor Who script editor Sunday 27th November Fab Café Bar in Manchester, Doors open 1.30pm. Tickets £7 or £8 OTD, grab your entry rights over at

• Follow the Fab Cafe on Twitter @5064productions 

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