In Review: The Last Driver

Last Driver - Cover

Written by Chris Baker
Art by Shaky Kane
56 pages – Full Colour
Published by Dead Canary Comics

“In a world riddled with death, despair and giant man-eating monsters, one man does his best to not let the apocalypse get him down!

Meet Frank Sudden, a no-nonsense thrill seeker who’s just trying to enjoy life… despite the end of the world. So make sure you take a bathroom break before reading because Frank Sudden isn’t making any stops!”

Chris Baker and Shaky Kane

Chris Baker and Shaky Kane

Chris Baker and Shaky Kane are the creators of one of the best books this year in The Last Driver and I managed to pop along to their signing at Orbital Comics in London’s West End tho have a chat with them. Since interviewing this likeable pair of rogues on a recent episode of The Awesome Comics Podcast and backing their easily past the finish line Kickstarter I couldn’t wait to see the finished product.

Last Driver - Sample Art

This is a comic that will whack you round the back of your head and piss on your shoes. It’s violent, sexy, black humoured, imaginative, funny and an eye-meltingly gorgeous-looking book, that I guarantee you will read, enjoy and read again.

The Last Driver himself, Frank Sudden, is a John Carpenter punch first, ask questions last style hero who is prone to outrageous acts of sudden and often hysterical violence. He fights mutants, monsters and all manner of human filth with huge dollops of style and rock your socks off fast paced action.

Last Driver Signing

Chris and Shaky were on great and enthusiastic form at the launch of this book at London’s Orbital Comics recently. This is a pairing that I would really love to see more of and The Last Driver is only one of the many great books coming out of the Dead Canary Comics stable. Their work gloriously refuses to obey the current fads and trends in modern comics and I can confidently say that you won’t find anything like this elsewhere on a shelf.

Last Driver - Sample Art

Hosted by the best comic shop in London, Orbital Comics you can get one of the fast disappearing signed copies by popping in this week. You can find Orbital Comics at their website here or at their shop at 8 Great Newport St, London WC2H 7JA

You can also find the book on Comixology here or grab a copy through the Dead Canary website here. Find them on Twitter @DeadCanaryComic

Find more about the writer of this and other books at his Twitter page @csbakercomics

You can find more about Shaky and see bucket loads more of his amazing artwork at his website

C’mon, guys. Let’s have another outing soon?

Many thanks for reading.

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