In Preview: “Adrift” by John Tucker

Adrift by John Tucker - Cover

Created by John Tucker
40 pages – Black and White – £2
Launching at Thought Bubble Festival this month

The General Idea: This is a world exactly like ours. Full of motorways and people and forks.

One day, gravity decided that it wanted to just up and go. Suddenly and without any kind of warning, it just left the Earth.

At first, the occupants of the Earth liked the effect of floating around. It was a novelty. Just like that first day of snow where we can stay at home and play with it. Later though, it might, maybe, become a pain in your neck, and/or possibly a little dangerous.

That’s what it’s like when gravity goes away. How will the human race cope? How would you cope? Will we adapt or will everything go to hell?

That’s what John Tucker posits in this new illustrated tale.

What is for sure is that there are a whole load of naked and old and fat people having sex right there in front of you!

Don’t go gravity? Please

Adrift by John Tucker - Sample Art

What I thought (as if you aren’t already hooked!)…

“The Guide says there is an art to flying”, said Ford, “or rather a knack. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.”

Douglas Adams, Life, the Universe and Everything

I’ve always loved the every day simple yet funny nature of that quote, and it came back to me after reading the new book from John Tucker.

This has a wry and sarcastic wink at you as you read through its pages. Adrift is fun, telling and at one moment just a little bit touching. From page one, when that fork with a life of its own floats past the reader, I knew this was something I would enjoy.

This illustrated novel is not done in a traditional comics style but rather a series of full page images that face a page of commentary, comments and text. It’s an interesting and very readable style. It is a short read but really entertaining.

It takes all the cynicism of the depressing things like The Walking Dead and The Road and shows that as changes come that are considered catastrophic, we can find a little humour and just possibly some light at the end of the tunnel. It is written with that idiosyncratic humour that is recognisably a Tucker creation. A little bawdy, a little strange and a whole lot funny.

Adrift by John Tucker - Sample Art

I heartily recommend anything by this creator.

This will be getting a release at Thought Bubble this year and you can find John and all of his art and comics in the ComiXology Marquee at table 120B. You can find him online at on Twitter @JohnTuckerArt and on Instagram @JohnTucker

Many thanks for reading.

PS The review copy came with this comment that made me laugh loudly in Cafe Nero:

“Please don’t cross my name out and release it as your own. Thanks.”

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