Shaman Kane storms back into action for an action-packed finale to latest adventure

Indie British creator David Broughton releases the latest issue of his long-running SF thriller comic, Shaman Kane, next week. Issue 12, “The Demon Drones of Demonicus” Part Two, wraps up several long-running plot threads – and opens the way for further adventures.

Problems with those pesky Poltergeists, maybe it’s a Vampire infestation or a Zombie plague outbreak to deal with?  Then look no further, contact licenced occult operative and supernatural entity termination specialist Shaman Kane. Making the galaxy a safer place for living beings everywhere.

In Shaman Kane #12, Shaman Kane and his rebel group have discovered the being responsible for taking control of Cubular Khan. With no other option, Kane has detonated a bomb to free the Shaman order from this evil…

This issue sees Shaman Kane pitted against more than one deadly threat in quick succession, battling to save the universe from not one, but several fantastical foes, delivering the story in his unique style, his artwork showing increasing confidence and style.

While, script-wise, there’s an element on “information dumping” as storylines are resolved, Shaman Kane continues to be a terrific treat with every issue, this adventure proving no exception.

Created, written and drawn by David Broughton, Shaman Kane is now also published in Planet Comics from US publisher Antarctic Press, available here.

• Shaman Kane Book 12 out from 28th May 2024. Please send £8 to David’s PayPal email address which is | This price includes the 28-page page full colour US size Shaman Kane #12 and Royal Mail UK second class postage and packaging. Please note: Overseas customers please contact David for a quote

• Shaman Kane books available from or direct message David on FaceBook @davebus1966 your order, or on Instagram @davebus1966 | Blog: | Youtube: 2000 Davey

• Read Tony Esmond and John Freeman’s reviews of Shaman Kane here on downthetubes 

• Check out Shaman Kane in Planet Comics here

• Shaman Kane is also available to read digitally from PLANET COMICS | English | GlobalComix

• Antarctic Press – Official Site | Facebook | InstagramTwitter

Shaman Kane created by and copyright David Broughton

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