Scar Comics bring back Roger Mason’s Mice

Now available from Scar Comics is the new sci-fi graphic novel from acclaimed bande dessinée and 2000AD artist Roger Mason.

Featuring the giant alien factory Order Nine, The Mice graphic novels tell the story of the remnants of humanity who survive under the feet of house-sized alien invaders who have destroyed civilisation and built factories on the rubble.

While trying to eliminate the human infestation, they also like to moan about their jobs and each other.

In Culture Shock The Mice leave the factory and journey into the endless fields around it. Something is out there; something which will change the course of human and alien history for ever. Meanwhile, the sinister factory manager is performing grisly experiments…

• The Mice: Culture Shock (100 Pages, £8.99. Black & white with colour cover.)

• Also available: The Mice: The Factory (80 pages, £7.99. Black & white with colour cover.)

• Go to Facebook/scarcomics for details of other great independent graphic novels by Ben Dickson, David Hitchcock, Gary Young and Tony Suleri, among others.

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