Starblazer Collection trailed by DC Thomson

Starblazer Collection 2019

Cover by Neil Roberts

DC Thomson Media are trailing a collection of two stories from their much-loved pocket digest title Starblazer on their web shop – but there’s no official details, as yet, of which stories it will include from the comics’ near 300-issue run… although artist Lee Grice has some ideas…

Starblazer was as close as DC Thomson got to taking on the challenge of IPC’s 2000AD. Between Issue 1 in April 1979 and the final issue, 281 in January 1991, a single black and white 64 page story would hide behind a painted colour cover. What started as a fairly straightforward science-fiction version of Thomson’s digest-size Commando comic would mutate over the course of its history.

Its initial tag line of “Space Fiction Adventure In Pictures” would conclude its run with “Fantasy Fiction In Pictures”, with the inclusion of more sword and sorcery elements in the later issues.

Starblazer ceased publication three decades ago, but now returns in Heritage Comics’ latest graphic novel.

Collecting two classic issues from DC Thomson’s archives and blowing them up to full graphic novel size with a brand new wraparound cover, clearly by Neil Roberts, this is surely a must for many  a British comic collector.

Starblazer 45 - Operation Overkill

Starblazer 127

Based on the cover, artist and Starblazer fan Lee Grice has suggested the collation may feature it includes the first Mikal R Kayn story #45 “Operation Overkill” written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Enrique Alcatena. The second story may therefore be Kayn’s second appearance in #127 “The Death Reaper” also by Morrison and Alcatena – but there is no official confirmation of this.

A release date has yet to be announced, but check out the collection details here on the DC Thomson web shop.

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Thanks to Lee Grice for his suggestion on the reprints this collection may include

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  1. Interesting, nice to see DC Thompson’s Heritage brand taking off. I would be more excited about a Geering Bananaman collection for the character’s 40th birthday next year though

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