Steve Whitaker: Online Memorial Site Launched

Steve WhitakerA livejournal gommunity and a flickr group devoted to the late, already-much missed artist and colourist Steve Whitaker, who died last week (see related story), have now been launched.

“If you were a pal or admirer of Steve and his work, please bookmark the site and consider contributing some memories to jellytown,” says Steve’s friend and fellow artist Martin Hand who has set up the memorial, “and spread the word: all friends of ol’ Steve are welcome.

“If I’ve set it up right, then it should be totally accessible to non livejournal people.”

Martin welcomes anything devoted to or remembering Steve from users: anecdotes, drawings by Steve, drawings of Steve, photos, fanzine articles, strips etc. “Anything Steve Whitaker-related, basically.

“I was gonna say that jellytown should be a ‘one stop shop’ for all your steve witko needs but we are not alone – mighty Matt Brooker is setting up a flickr community devoted to Steve and obviously the jellytown massive hopes to have very close links with this group when it’s live.”

“Collective memory” websites devoted to Steve:
• Jellytown:
• Steemol:

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