The Bumper book of Look and Learn

The Bumper Book of Look and Learn is now out!
Sub-titled the best of the classic children’s magazine this lavishly produced volume (produced by Century Books) is available in the shops for £18.99. Featuring an array of pages from just some of the 1,049 issues of issues of Look and Learn this coffee table style book takes a chronological look at human history from the dinosaurs to man’s conquest of space. While some will doubtless be interested in the complete ‘Trigan Empire’ tale featured in the volume, the majority of interest should come from the ‘ordinary’ pages (and they are far from ordinary featured. The book features page after page of (actual size) illustration by British comic luminaries, and Look and Learn stalwarts, such as Ron Embleton, CL Doughty, Angus McBride, Peter Jackson, Patrick Nicolle and many more besides. Full colour reproductions on thick, glossy pages make this inch-thick volume a seriouly hefty tome.
The only quibble I have with the book in fact is that there is no index listing which illustrations come from which issue, thereby denying you the chance to track down a particular original issue if the artwork particularly grabs you.
There are plenty of books around at the moment celebrating our comics heritage but the others will have to go some way to beat this volume in terms of value of money, quality of art and qualityof production. It’s a winner!
Amazon currently have it listed at 40% off, unbelievably, check it out here….
For reference the ISBN is as follows: 978-1-846-05291-0

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