The original “Something Wicked” creeps into the digital world, features early work by Al Ewing and more

Something Wicked Issue One - Cover

Back in in 2007 (or maybe earlier, my zombie brain isn’t quite working properly today), British independent comics publisher FutureQuake Press launchd Something Wicked, a horror anthology that included work from the likes of Cullen BunnAl Ewing, PJ Holden, Michael Carroll, Cavan Scott and Keith Burns. Whatever happened to them, eh? Oh, wait…

Long out of print, the good news is that Something Wicked Issue One is now available as a digital edition  via comiXology.

Something Wicked Issue One -  The Other Side by Adrian Bamforth

“The Other Side” by Adrian Bamforth, published in Something Wicked Issue One

This is a great opportunity to pick up a truly spok-tacular horror comic – right before you head over to the FutureQuake Press web site and buy last year’s Something Wicked special, or other still-in-print back issues. Who knows which names in the latest editions of this gruesome gorefest will end up at 2000AD or one of the top US publishers?

All for a middling £1.49, the digital Something Wicked Issue One features:

  • A Portrait of Perdition (writer) Al Ewing, (art) Flint Hasbudak
  • Blood Money (writer/Art) Christine Harper
  • By the Pricking of My Thumbs (Writer) Ed Berridge, (Art) Keith Burns Reprinted in Meg 244 (May 2006)
  • Chalky (Writer) Ed Berridge, (Art) Dom Reardon
  • Dark Rider, Pale Horse Writers) Cullen Bunn & Shaun Lee, (Art) Johnny Mcmonagle
  • Dry Bone Gumbo (Writers) Ed Berridge & Richmond Clements, (Art) Bryan Coyle
  • From Beyond the Grave: Comics From Hell (Writer) Ed Berridge ,Text feature
  • Never Talk to Strangers (Writer) Richmond Clements, (Art) Ed Traquino
  • Night Thoughts (Writer) Ed Berridge (Art) Brian Janchez
  • On the Prowl (Writer) Mark Woodland (Art) Bryan Coyle
  • Serpent’s Tale (Writer) Ed Berridge, (Art) Bolt-01& Dan Evans (Originally presented as bookends to the comic)
  • Step Right Up (Writer) Cavan Scott (Art) Dunk! Nimmo
  • The Other Side (Writer / Art) Adrian Bamforth
  • The Painting (Writer) Arthur Wyatt (Art) Vicky Stonebridge
  • Tides & Currents (Writer) Paul Scott (Art) Julia Bax

Buy it here from ComiXology

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