Thy Will Be Done Launches

The first few pages of a new SF comic title, Thy Will Be Done, have been posted at Broken Voice Comics and are just waiting for you to go and enjoy them.

Thy Will Be Done is written by Alexandre Lobao and boasts gorgeous artwork by E.C. Nickel (the talented artist behind Immortality and The Long Vigil).

“Without giving away any major plot spoilers, I can tell you that it’s a SciFi story with more than enough twists and turns to keep even the most cynical conspiracy theorist guessing until the end,” advises publisher David Berner. “Part Matrix, part 1984 and with just a dash of Starship Troopers, it has a flavour all its own.”

The cover and four full-colour pages have been posted, so there’s enough to give you a real taste of both the wonderful artwork and the beginnings of the intriguing story line. In future this title will be updated every Friday at Broken Voice Comics.

Categories: British Comics

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