Survivors Returns

The Forbidden Planet International web site reports the BBC has confirmed that it has concluded a deal with the estate of the late Terry Nation to create a new version of the cult 70s science fiction show Survivors.

Nation, well-known to SF viewers for Blake’s 7, not to mention creating the Daleks for Doctor Who, devised Survivors which ran for three seasons on the BBC from 1975 and which followed a small group of people who had survived a sudden pandemic which had wiped out much of humanity. The series gave the clear impression the virus was man-made, playing on Cold War fears of biological attack.

The new series will be written by BAFTA award-winning writer Adrian Hodges, who adapted Philip Pullman’s Ruby in the Smoke and co-created the time-travel/monster show Primeval.

Survivors was one of the bravest and most exciting programmes of its time and I’m thrilled to be involved with re-imagining it for a new audience, says Hodges. “I remember its original impact vividly and I hope we can make a similar impression with the new version.”

Kate Harwood, Head of Series and Serials, BBC Drama Production, said of the accquisition: “The opportunity to remake Survivors for a modern generation proved irresistible.

“After months of negotiations, I am delighted that one of British television’s great cult series will return with original stories packed with adventure and spirit set against the backdrop of our own recognisable world.”

The Survivors: a World Away site notes this confirmation comes after much speculation, citing news items from the Guardian and SFX from 2006 confidently proclaiming the series was about to return.

This isn’t the first time Survivors has been revived: Terry Nation himself once told me he had attempted to get a series off the grounbd after he moved to the US, with little success. The World Away site has more information on past attempts at a remake of this classic show.

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