Your Office Anywhere Man

If proof were needed of the enduring appeal of comics as a medium, it’s the way companies the world over continue to use the form in their marketing.

Last year, Doctor Who artist and writer Mike Collins and I began writing strips for UK company Cardium, to promote a suite of software products, Your Office Anywhere offering off site back up of documents, email services and more.

Cardium have now cranked up their creation, Your Office Anywhere Man, and turned him into a major part of their promotion for their products, creating a standee for Mike’s interpretation of the character and blowing up frames of the promotional strips that appear on the YOA web site to decorate their trade stands at exhibitions.

I always hoped to make it big as a writer in comics — but giant panels wasn’t quite what I had in mind! They do look great, though.

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  1. Writing these sort of comics can be great fun, but also a real challenge in integrating the companies marketing messages and the techy “geek” speak into a fun and entertaining story.

    I write a promotional comics for a couple of software companies. The longest running series is Virtualman who has also gone on to appear at trade shows and even as an animated key-note speaker at one conference.

    You can download the various Virtualman books here.

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