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The reading level of this site is Genius(with thanks to Gad Sir! Comics). According to this simple Blog Readability Test from the Critics Rant web site, you apparently have to be a genius to read the downthetubes blog.

It appears to work on some HTML based sites too, so we did a few checks. Top-selling UK tabloid newspaper The Sun’s web site gets “Junior High School” while both The Times and The Guardian‘s is “High School” (it couldn’t read the Daily Telegraph‘s site, which is perhaps no surprise).

Apparently, you have to be a post grad to understand the Star Wars and Star Trek official sites and a college undergrad to understand the official Doctor Who site. (Yes, this is obviously an American test site).

As dtb contributor Jeremy Briggs points out, the Genius level for this blog doesn’t mean that you have to be a genius to read it – but that you have to be a genius to understand it!

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