The World Needs More Teddies

At this festive time for many religions, perhaps it’s time to start spreading some love so I’ve gone all fuzzy and am proposing a Send a Teddy Campaign.

So, if you’re concerned by religious intolerance (Catholic groups bemoaning The Golden Compass? Governments enforcing laws on people making an innocent error of judgment?), worried by bigotry (forced to listen to Talksport, for example?) or race hate – send the ‘offender’ a teddy!

We simply can’t have teddies becoming a symbol of intolerance.

This week’s person in desperate need of more teddies:

The Sudanese Ambassador, the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan, 3 Cleveland Row, St. James’s London SW1A 1DD

Don’t be abusive when you send your teddy. Send it with a polite message asking for a change of heart where anger and unpleasantness is evident.

I have no idea if this is one of those things that might spread like wildfire or not, it’s just a crazy idea I had. I get those. Happy holidays, all.

You can buy teddy bears online:

Update: We don’t think this kind of teddy is the sort you should be sending

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