Titan Magazines’ new DC title

Titan Magazines recently launched a fourth comic licensed from DC Comics. DC Universe Presents Batman Superman follows on the heels of Superman Legends, Batman Legends and Justice League Legends to the UK news stand.

Featuring stories and artwork never previously published in the UK (although available as imported titles), the 76-page comic uses the smash-hit superhero stars Superman and Batman to take readers on what Titan describes as “a dizzying tour of the captivating DC Universe”.

Each issue of DC Universe Presents contains three fantastic stories, written and drawn by some of the greatest comic superstars, featuring superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League.

The first six issues include the epic The Brave and the Bold (written and illustrated by comics legends Mark Waid and George Pérez) featuring Batman, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, and the Legion of Superheroes and a cast of thousands.

Heroes and Lost producer Jeph Loeb reintroduces the smash-hit character Supergirl to Earth. Follow her struggles as she encounters the teams and heroes that make up the rich tapestry of the DCU — before going toe to toe with the infamous Lex Luthor.

The comic also features Superman and Batman facing the strangest and most fearsome extraterrestrials the universe has to offer in the Superman/Batman team-up story, ‘The Enemies Among Us’!

With reader interaction all the rage these days, DC Universe Presents will enable them to have their say in which fantastic DC characters will be introduced next – with the Teen Titans waiting in the wings! “Fans can have a say on which of their favourite characters they’d like to see more of by writing to the comic’s letter column, where all ideas will be considered,” explained a Titan spokesperson. “Teen Titans follows the trials and tribulations of the next generation of young superheroes and features Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash, among many others.

If that isn’t enough for even the most die-hard DC comic fan, the comic will also include news on DC merchandise and exciting competitions.

Issue 1 is on sale now, 76pp, four weekly, priced £2.60 from all good newsagents. Issue #2 on sale 18 October.

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