Today’s Panel Borders podcast offers heady mix of Star Trek and Dave McKean!

Photo of Russell Walks, John Freeman, and Rachael Stott with insert of art from DC Star Trek no. 61-63, IDW Star Trek Annual 2023 / Covers and interior art from Prompt and Thalamus by Dave McKean

In an episode of Panel Borders recorded at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, and Portsmouth Comic Con, a trio of comic book artists discuss nostalgia and the future in their work.

In a Q and A hosted by me, John Freeman, artists Russell Walks and Rachael Stott discuss illustrating the adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise in a variety of Star Trek books and comics. This was a fun chat with some great questions from the audience, so I hope you have time to give it a listen. 

Dave McKean
Dave McKean. Photo: Vernon Nash

Plus, Alex Fitch chats to Dave McKean, about his recent collections Thalamus and Prompt – Conversations with AI, which include an overview of his career so far, and experience of working with new technology.

• Panel Borders: Star Trek / Prompt airs today at 5.30pm, Wednesday 5th June 2024, repeat broadcast 11am, Sunday 9th June 2024, Resonance 104.4 FM + DAB (London) / broadcast streamed at / Resonance Replay stream on / podcast after broadcast at

Web Links

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