Transformers head to China, just as new prequel film teased

Transformers Autobot Alliance.  Photo: PRNewsfoto/ Cityneon Holdings Limited

Transformers Autobot Alliance.
Photo: PRNewsfoto/ Cityneon Holdings Limited

Hasbro has launched its Transformers Autobot Alliance interactive exhibition in China.

The initiative, created in partnership with Cityneon Holdings Limited, a global innovator in exhibitions, finds Transformers at the centre of a walk-through attraction in Chong Qing’s Shin Kong Place.

It features familiar characters from the franchise such as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Windblade and it’s the first of its kind to showcase the robots, an exhibition offering special effects, reflex tests, virtual reality, motion sensing and other features surrounding the brand.

Fans even get the chance to learn the Transformers language and decode missions throughout the exhibit.

“This launch has been a long time coming with more than two years of research and development and significant investment to create what will be one of the most talked about exhibitions to date,” said executive chairman and group CEO of Cityneon Holdings, Ron Tan.

“Opening Transformers Autobot Alliance with Cityneon is an exciting brand extension for us that will allow fans to interact with their favourite characters in an entirely new, immersive way,” said Tom Warner, SVP Transformers Franchise.

“This carefully crafted attraction uses interactive technology to bring a more than meets the eye experience that Transformers fans of all ages will enjoy for years to come

The exhibition is situated in a popular high-end shopping and living centre, Shin Kong Place Chongqing. The more than 15,000 square foot attraction will also showcase a merchandise area for post-attraction purchases.

The first teaser image for Bumblebee: The Movie. Image: Paramount Pictures

The first teaser image for Bumblebee: The Movie. Image: Paramount Pictures

The exhibition launches just as Paramount Pictures begin their teaser campaign for the Transformers prequel film, Bumblebee: The Movie, which will explore the origins of everyone’s favourite yellow Autobot. Instead of a shiny new Chevrolet Camaro, Bumblebee apparently started life on Earth as an old Volkswagen Beetle.

The origin story is set in a California beach town in 1987 where a wounded Bumblebee takes shelter as a late 1960s VW Bug. Pop singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld plays Charlie, a 17-year-old who finds the yellow Beetle and “restores” it, quickly discovering that there is more to this car than meets the eye.

Bumblebee: The Movie is currently set to release in the US on 21st December 2018.



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