It’s time for another Awesome Comics Podcast Catch-Up! Comichaus secrets revealed! Books to look out for in 2018! And more!

The Awesome Comics Podcast continues to broadcast some great stuff about British comics and more. Once again, I’ve been a bit neglectful in keeping you posted with its, well, awesome coverage of some terrific creators, including great interviews and entertaining discussions about comic creation. So let’s put that right with a catch up of recent episodes…

Hosts Dan Butcher, Tony Esmond and Vince Hunt known more swear words than Prince Phillip – so if you’re a listener with a gentler disposition than these Hard Nuts of the Airwaves, be warned!

Episode 124 – Comic Talk with The Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast

The ACP gang are joined by another comic loving podcaster, Ian Loxam from the Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast. With 2017 convention season pretty much done everyone talks about how the year has been, the ups and downs of some shows, the benefits of small events and more.

There’s also some podcasting talk, Brian Michael Bendis, another great batch of recommendations for listeners and also some talk about hosts Dan Butcher and Tony Esmond‘s day at Wimbledon Comic Festival!

Featured: The Lakes Comic Art Podcast, Wimbledon Comic Art Festival, Rik Jackson, Etherington Brothers, The Facts of Life, Breaks, Embellisms, Creating Character Arcs, Mann’s Best Friend, and Mister Miracle

Episode 125 – Punishing Comic Talk!

With no guest this episode, the ACP gang – Dan, Tony and Vince Hunt – sit down to shoot the breeze, talk comics and spend a little time discussing Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. With the new series out on Netflix its a great time to get to know the character and all three hosts recommend their favourite arcs.

Also there’s some great listener questions about writing and the time spent on making comics, Curt Swan, unique ways of painting, tons of brilliant books and webcomics to check out and a few more censorship bleeps pop up again!

Featured: The Punisher – Circle Of Blood, War Journal, Born, Max, Welcome Back Frank, Warzone, No Brow, Out of Nothing, Matt Garvey, Transfer, White Noir, Ghost of the Gulag, Silver, Learn to Colour Tutorials

Episode 126 – Comics, Charity and Little Heroes! (with Aaron Rackley)

The Awesome crew take some time to talk about an organisation putting the medium of comics to good use in the best possible way, Little Heroes! Its creator Aaron Rackley joins the gang to talk about what they do, the behind the scenes of getting comic packs into hospitals and how you can support them.

It’s a great chat about a fantastic cause, and it leads to some more comic talk, shout outs, brilliant recommendations and the usual off-the-cuff humour you can only get from the ACP!


Featured: Little Heroes, Little Heroes, The Lion and the Unicorn, Rising Sand, Vigilante, The Axeman Cometh, NPC Tea

Episode 127 – The World of Porcelain (with Benjamin Read and Christian Wildgoose)

The gang take time to discuss one of their favourite series of books, the trilogy of Porcelain! Writer Benjamin Read (Night Post) and artist Christian Wildgoose (Batgirl) join in to talk about the creation of the Porcelain world and how their journey from book one to now has evolved. Theres talk of how they met, the creation of their publishing stable Improper Books, the collaboration process and more, and not only that but Ben manages to do all that despite having a killer cold (what a trooper!). Theres also plenty of funny comic talk, great books for you all to check out and the epic rude word foghorn gets a triple-outing. Its a show not to be missed!

Featured: Improper Books Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale, Porcelain: Bone China, Porcelain: Ivory Tower, Benjamin Read, Christian Wildgoose, Batgirl, Laura Wildgoose, Night Post, Jim Campbell, Andre May, Devil Kickers, Iron Bard Ballisto, One Giant Hand, Geiss, Black Monday Murders, Uber

Episode 128 – Awesome Highlights of 2017!

After a frustrating week off the boys are back, and they’re going long with a ‘Highlights of 2017’ show! There’s tons of talk about some comic highlights we’ve had over the year and everyone picks their personal choices of the year. From movies to publishers to graphic novels to creators on the rise and even eggs!

It’s a highlights show you could only get from the ACP!


Featured: Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Twin Peaks, Vice Principals, Legion, The Punisher, Wimbledon Comic Festival, 2000AD Festival, Chris Sides, Impossible, Susie Gander, Perry Winkle, Chris Imber, Brian Vander, Vanguard, Ghost of the Gulag, Scurry, Darrell Thorpe, Comichaus, Pat Mills, Tom King, Dizevez, Eric Henninot, Carthago, Goran Parlov, Ted Naifeh, Heroines Kickstarter, No Brow Press, Europe Comics, Matt Garvey, Rachael Ball, The Inflatable Woman, Impossible, The Sword Master, Invincible, Babyteeth, Donny Cates

Episode 129 – Grumpy Old Comic Creators!

It may be the festive season but the Awesome Pod guys take some time to grumble like a bunch of old codgers about stuff that irks them. The results are thoughtful, hilarious and what you’d come to expect from the ACP.

There’s also listener responses, some positive listener audio to offset the grumbling and as always, brilliant recommendations for everyone to check out.

Featured: Europe Comics, Sisco, Cinebook, Orbital, Comixology, Invincible

Episode 130 – Looking forward to 2018 in Comics!

It’s the first show of 2018 so before they spend a year talking to more amazing guests and discovering new and wonderful comics, Dan, Tony and Vince thought they’d spend some time talking about the things they’re looking forward to over the next 12 months.

There’s talk of the new Awesome Comics Anthology series, creators to watch out for, a last minute poll gets talked about, some highly passionate opinions on Mrs Brown’s Boys, Dan’s torch and the joys of getting underwear and shower gel at Christmas.

Plus, check out also great book recommendations and comic book process chat too. What better way to start the year?

Featured: Little Heroes Anthology, Dalston Monsters, The Devil in Disguise, Matt Garvey, The Thing Artbook, Guillermo Del Toro: Cabinet of Curiosities, Sword Master, BHP Comics, Tomorrow

Episode 131 – The World of Fanzines! (with David Hathaway Price)

This week the crew are joined by David Hathaway Price, the man behind a new (and epically huge) fanzine called FANSCENE, a celebration of all things British fanzine.

Theres talk about what fanzines are, their history and some highlights and what the role of fanzines are in modern comics and small press.

There’s also some awesome comic book recommendations, shout outs and the usual ACP shenanigans, so don’t miss it!

Featured: Classic Comic Fanzines, Fanscene, Floods, Twomorrows Publishing, Morgans Organs, The Trolltooth Wars, ABC Warriors, Phil Elliott, In His Cups

Episode 132 – Talking Comichaus! (with Pete Genepool)

This week the gang are joined by Pete Genepool, the man behind the indie comics platform that’s sweeping across the nation – Comichaus! Together they discuss the origins of Comichaus, the thought processes behind its ongoing anthology book and mobile app, getting people like IDW involved and what they hope to achieve in the future.

Plus there’s tons of brilliant books that get recommended, Dan takes things to a ‘dark place’ early in the show and the possibility of a Three Men and a Baby-style adventure featuring the Awesome crew crops up.

Featured: Comichaus, Comichaus Anthology, Morgans Organs, Locke and Key, Plox, A Night with Friends and Nosferatu, IRL Persona, White Noir, NPC Tea, Devilman, The King of Birds

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