Creating Comics: downthetubes publisher John Freeman talks to theAwesome Comics Podcast

Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies #1 - art by Neil Edwards (B7 Comics)

downthetubes publisher John Freeman is a guest on the Awesome Comics Podcast today, Monday 5th September, talking about his new comic project for B7 Media, Pilgrim – Secrets and Lies, his work for the upcoming Lakes International Comic Art Festival (where B7 Comics have a stand), creating comics, Star Trek, Marvel UK – and other stuff he has worked on or is working on over his 30 year plus career in the comics industry.

The Awesome Comics Podcast, co-hosted by Dan Butcher, Tony Esmond and Vince Hunt, is a podcast where the best and brightest in the world of small press and independent comic books get their time to shine. You’ll find out about books you’ve never heard of but you will love.

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The show regularly features great, informative interviews with creators, full of helpful tips for any aspiring comic book creator just starting out. There’s also a ridiculous amount of humour running throughout – with some swearing, so be warned!

Recent guests have included Steven ApplebyNick BrokenshireSteve ConleySteve IngramMartin SimmondsDez Skinn and many others.

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Check out Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies on Kickstarter

A discovery beneath the Antarctic will change humanity forever! Don’t miss out on this four-issue SF thriller mini series from B7 Comics, written by John Freeman, art by Neil Edwards, coloured by Martin Baines, lettered by Jim Campbell

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