Sez Dez: Comics editor and publisher Dez Skinn storms the latest Awesome Comics Podcast!

Dez Skinn. Photo: John Freeman
Dez Skinn. Photo: John Freeman

The latest episode of the excellent Awesome Comics Podcast delves into the history of the UK comics scene with the one and only Dez Skinn (Warrior, Starburst, Marvel UK and much more).

There’s laughs and stories galore with one of the legends of the UK scene, including his work with Marvel, starting Warrior and how the name of V for Vendetta came into being!

All of that and plenty of comics chat, humour and of course, great indie comic recommendations for everyone too. 

Dez recently released a new book, Sez Dez Book One, the first in a series of memories about his career, which includes the creation of what is now Doctor Who Magazine (as Doctor Who Weekly) and House of Hammer.

• Says Dez Book One is available now direct from Dez himself, for £17.50 including UK postage, PayPal to

• Dez Skinn is online at

Read our review of Sez Dez Book One

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