US Naval Academy Museum explores how the Navy has been portrayed in SF

US #NavyCon 2017 Poster

On 18th November 2017 from 1200 – 1700 EST, the United States Naval Academy Museum will host #NavyCon, a conference on how fleet forces have been portrayed in science fiction and how those apply to what the US navy does today.

Over many decades, a number of military SF projects, including Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet novels (and now, a comics series from Titan Comics), have their roots in naval history and operations.

All the presenters are experts on naval issues and are selecting topics from their favourite SF shows, books, movies, or video games.

The museum only has 40 seats in its theatre and most of those will be made available to midshipmen, so the event will be live streamed so the general public and deployed sailors can watch it.

Videos will also be made available on the Museum’s youtube channel.

The speakers are:

  • Commander BJ Armstrong, PhD, (USNA ’99) Department of History, US Naval Academy – “Bringing Balance to the Fleet Forces: Issues of Fleet Design in Star Wars and The Expanse
  • Claude Berube, Director, Naval Academy Museum, Instructor Department of History
  • Captain Jonathan Bratten, US Army – “Non-State Actors in Space: The Case of Firefly”
  • Doctoral candidate Tim Choi
  • Congressman Mike Gallagher, who sits on the House Armed Services Committee (Seapower Subcommittee) and deployed to Iraq as a Marine – “Service, Citizenship, and Starship Troopers
  • Dr. Jerry Hendrix, CAPT (ret), Senior Analyst CNAS – “Fleet Operations and Tactics in the Honor Harrington series”
  • Lieutenant Matthew Hipple, US Navy – “Why the Space Cadre Ought to be part of the Navy”
  • NASA astronaut Captain Kay Hire (USNA ’81)
  • David Larter, reporter, Navy Times on “Fleet Leadership in Star Wars
  • Jennifer Marland, Naval History & Heritage Command – “Why Old Tech is sometimes the Right Answer: The Case of Battlestar Galactica
  • Raymond Pritchett, owner – “Naval Irregular Warfare and Sci-Fi Videogames”
  • Captain Mark Vandroff, Commanding officer NSWC-Carderock (USNA ’89)

• US Naval Academy Museum web site: | Faccebook | Youtube


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